Resources for Makes
Exploratorium's Tinker Studio: Make ideas designed for young learners from a really awesome San Francisco science museum.
#clmooc Make Bank: Make ideas collected by teachers as part of online collaboration in summer 2013.
Squishy Circuits: Use playdough and electronics to play with circuitry. Make ideas from and for general public. Makes and wealth of information for general public, but with special section for educators and parents.
DS106 Assignment Bank: Makes for general maker audience, who are taking part in a free, open, non-credit based online course in creativity.  You don't have to join to check out the maker assignments!
Make Magazine: Lots of projects for mutligenerational audience.

Links on Maker Movement and Learning

Make to Learn: Teachers, Makers and researchers thinking together about the maker movement and education.
Maker Education Initiative: Make Magazine's project to spread the word on what is going on with making and education.
Educator Innovator: National Writing Project's online space to bring together people and ideas around writing, making, connected learning, digital literacies and more.
Institute of Play: Resources and videos of play based learning.
Lifelong Kindergarten: MIT Media Lab's online collection of resources and documentation of the maker movement and learning, particularly highlighting digital literacies.
Links for Digital Maker Stuff
Comic Maker for ipad
Show Me for ipad
30hands for ipad
haiku deck for ipad